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A Haunted House Review

SmartAss - 1781.NEFI have become a movie buff in 2013, and I love it. I have a new respect for directors, producers, writers, and everyone in between of course I can’t forget about the actors. The commercials for A Haunted House were hilarious, but I was scared it would be mad corny. Why corny because it was a Wayans movie, they are funny don’t get me wrong, but lately something is off. My favorite Wayans member besides Damon has to be Marlon. Once I figured out this was a Marlon production I figured let me give this one a chance.

Piggybacking off of the Scary Movie franchise is A Haunted House starting Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins aka Malcolm and Kisha who are moving into their dream home. They go through the normal funny antics that couples go through when they move in.

Sidebar; I loved when Kisha was on the toilet, it was very believable that they were a couple. The chemistry wasn’t forced. I hate watching movies where I can think of another actor/actress to play a certain part. For this movie I can’t think of another person who could have played her role. Essence also didn’t annoy me in this film, where she normally does. Kudos to her!

Let me continue with the story. While they are settling in their house, Malcolm figures out that Kisha has been followed by ghosts and such her whole life. The mess they go through in this house is hilarious. Kisha winds up getting possessed by demons, and Malcolm hires anybody and everybody to perform an exorcism.

Sidebar; Don’t take kids even though there were zillions in my theater. Why no children? The cussing was to the max and the sex was on a 17 out of 10; but what movie isn’t these days.

The characters were placed well some were boring. Sidebar why did they have to shoot Rosa, that was hilarious. Chip the psychic was a big mess, every scene with him was classic. Father Williams played by Cedric the Entertainer was entertaining, but trailed off near the end. I must say I enjoyed Affion Crockett playing Ray Ray, but he always plays those roles so I wasn’t surprised.

Sidebar; I could not when the “ghost” got it in with Kisha, and the next day Malcolm was jealous. That was hilarious not to mention the “ghost” getting Malcolm the next night. Only Marlon Wayans could write that LOL

This movie kept my attention, but I hated the ending. If you want to laugh definitely go see the movie. You get MissP’s stamp of approval for this one! “I hit you in your ghost balls!”


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