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Django Unchained Review~

Django-UnchanedIt took me days to finally go see this movie and I am so glad I did. There is so much to say so here is my long overview, let me know your thoughts in the comment section!!

Slave Django(Jamie Foxx) is on the hunt with bounty hunter “dentist” Dr. King Schultz(Christoph Waltz). The opening was everything, just BRUTAL in typical Quentin Tarrantino fashion. The surprises in this movie were grand!

Sidebar, I couldn’t with the Big Daddy references; hilarious. At first they are on the hunt for the Brittle brothers, so Django could eventually be a free man and go find and rescue…Broomhilda his wife (Kerry Washington). The flashbacks worked perfectly so you knew exactly what they went through. The cinematography was excellent in those battle scenes, I definitely called that Oscar nomination.

I must admit the KKK scene was hilarious shoutout to Jonah Hill.

The team that Schultz and Django make, made so much sense. Django and Dr. Schultz finally get to the goods which is Calvin Candy(Leonardo Dicaprio) who owns Candyland where Broomhilda is, and where “Mandingos” fight. Django and Schultz act under false pretenses to come in and swipe Broomhilda, but Stephen(Samuel L Jackson) sees right threw them.

Here is another sidebar, Samuel L Jackson makes me hate him or like him in every movie now that is an actor. If you haven’t seen the Samaritan check it out.

I loved the eye contact between Django and Broomhilda, oooooo Leonardo Dicaprio I haven’t seen him acting like that since the Titanic.

That last fighting scene before the ending was WOW! How they made all that blood look real was gross.

Yet another sidebar, I loved the score in the movie with the splashes of Rick Ross, John legend, and Tupac, no odd placements.

I shan’t tell you the end just know it held my attention for the entire 165 minutes. If you haven’t seen Django Unchained check it out.


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