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Frank Ocean Album Review~

This is an album I have been playing for the longest. Frank Ocean’s has to be one of the best albums I have heard this year. Keyword I said this year. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. This is good driving type music. Let’s go through this album…

Start-I felt as though I was in a throwback Nintendo game, love the similarities.

Thinking bout you-One of my favorites especially the chorus, real chill song.

Fertilizer-these songs are so different you can’t help but like it put me in the mindset of Napoleon dynamite. Which is by far one of my favorite movies.

Sierra Leone-Llove his harmonies in this one, but it ended too fast for me.

Sweet life-mangos, peaches, and limes another favorite song of mine. My favorite line in the song “why see the world if u got the beach.”

Not just money interlude-I miss interludes on albums, I’m glad some artists are bringing those back!

Super rich kids ft.earl sweatshirt-this one was just okay not one of my favorites.

Pilot jones-cute song and had the audacity to include the plane sounds LOVE THAT!

Crack rock-love his analogies, this is a good song plus it is so repetitive that you can’t help but remember it.

Pyramids-longest song ever but it’s a good one I like it changes every 3 minutes.

Lost-love this one my favorites! You can do a little shoulder shimmy to this one.

White feat John Mayer-love John Mayer so this was a good interlude hands down.

Monks-good song, but it wasn’t a favorite.

Bad Religion-this one has to grow on me, but I saw him perform this live, it’s not a bad song though.

Pink Matter feat Andre 3000- it’s about time for him to make an album he was singing on this one good song. My favorite line is “you use to be my favorite color.”

Forrest Gump-loved it and the title.

All in all this was a solid effort from Mr. Ocean. I like to call this alternative r&b!!


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