Will they ever understand?

Brandy “Two Eleven” Breakdown~

I have heard some great albums lately when it comes to soul and r&b. I really want to get into Brandy’s Two Eleven. Here is a breakdown;

This is definitely an intro, I wish she would have talked a little bit. It was like a HAAAAAA then boooooom into the next song.

Wildest dreams
This song grew on me I really like the lyrics. The chorus is really cute love the vibe and the opening.

So Sick
It was an okay song and very repetitive. Vocally she was consistent though.

This is my jam! The beat is so different, and she did that with the vocals. I definitely want a video for this.

No Such Thing as Too Late
TURN THE LIGHTS ON, I love this one especially the chorus and the lyrics she is sanginnnnnnn. She is giving me all these breathy tones!!

Let me go
Definitely different not my favorite but it’s cute, she kept up with the song. The chorus and the vamp made me jig a lil, but you know how I get.

Without you
Love this one the way she was at that mic is ridiculous love it!! I really neeeed you YASSSS reminds me of Departed I love when an artist is turned up and then the beat comes in.

Put it Down
Everyone knows this one. This song did grow on me.

Hardly Breathing
Turn the lights on…this was a nice vibe it will grow on me, sounds like a vibe from her Human album those low riffs are awesome.

Do you Know what you Have
At first I was like Nicki MINAJ, but then it mellowed out. I LOVED it one of my favorites reminds me of her slow jams from Full Moon.

Scared of Beautiful
This song is not one of my favorites due to the arrangement & chorus, but I loved how she said turned the lamp on her vocals.

Wish your Love Away
Very different and this is great driving vibing music…she was singing nowwwwww loved the runs. The chorus was swell, this was like a lullaby.

Paint this House
The song is just okay it makes me want to go to Home Depot, Staples, or the nearest realtor. If I hear turn the lights on one more time! It seemed like I wanted a feature on this one.

Bonus for the deluxe edition!

Can you Hear Me Now
I wish this was the closer for the standard album. I want a video for this and the BEAT GO HAWRDDDDD!

Ummmmm this one was cute, but it was a filler definitely not a favorite.

What you Need
She wanna take off her clothes and stuff talk in Spanish ummmm. Now I did like the chorus, it had potential after the first minute.

Same as the intro.

All in all this was a very solid effort from Brandy. Unfortunately she only sold around 100,000 and some change in the first 2 weeks of release. Her vocals were solid, and performances have been great. Hopefully more people hear this album and fall in love with her mature style. The young Brandy is now grown definitely!!


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