Will they ever understand?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 3

After two weeks of NO GREYS I needed this episode, but it didn’t really grab my attention. Either way I will still give a recap. The theme centered around “Settling” and I loved that theme.

The team that was on the flight have to make a huge decision on whether it not they should settle and take the money for the crash.
Arizona is very salty like a peanut due to her current state. Callie has just about had enough, but she wants to focus on Sophia’s future.
April Kepnar is back and everyone wants to make sure it is for real. On the last episode Chief Hunt hired her back. Jackson Avery is still at Seattle Grace unbeknownst to April with no hair cut by the way, this will be a heated love triangle. I must also say Jesse Williams is so cute!

Dr. Yang is still fighting and miles away. She has to find her happy and  work her way to where she wants to be in the OR.
There were two main stories patient wise. Babygirl who wants to get plastic surgery so she can knock the boots with her main squeeze and feel better about herself. Another chicks foot is falling off but there is still a possibility it can function with nerve testing. Alex has Meredith’s old intern but he treats her horribly so he doesn’t seem like he wants her. Of course she doesn’t understand.

Dr. Yang doesn’t know any better and doesn’t want to be with Dr. Feeny. YES I will call him that LOL Wowwwww April wants to revirginize herself and Jackson wants her to wake up. He wants her to realize that what they did is real and there is no turning back.

The settlement pops up again.

Dr. Owen and Dr. Yang are talking again and it is very odd. Dr. Feeny and Dr. Yang have a good surgery, and she learns. I loved the quotes in this episode “life is short you better get at it” FAVORITE! Dinner for Arizona and Callie isn’t going so well, and I know in future episode they will get it together.

Alex is being messy and making his intern cry, but of course they come to an understanding.Derek goes back to see the plane, and he has an epiphany.  April and Jackson talk and they end up doing the nasty I TOLD Y’ALL! Bailey is mad because Little Tucker let go of her hand, and his daddy is getting married again, plus Ben is having new moments; she feels stuck. Dr. Webber gave a great point to her  “Get out there do something and don’t look back.”

Now Dr. Yang and Dr. Owen are back hot and cold, I hope they get it together near the end of the season.That shower scene was so intense with Callie and Arizona, but it was definitely needed.

Last but not least they all come to an agreement that they can’t settle. I am so glad they didn’t because that means more tricky story lines.


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