Will they ever understand?

A Haunted House Review

SmartAss - 1781.NEFI have become a movie buff in 2013, and I love it. I have a new respect for directors, producers, writers, and everyone in between of course I can’t forget about the actors. The commercials for A Haunted House were hilarious, but I was scared it would be mad corny. Why corny because it was a Wayans movie, they are funny don’t get me wrong, but lately something is off. My favorite Wayans member besides Damon has to be Marlon. Once I figured out this was a Marlon production I figured let me give this one a chance.

Piggybacking off of the Scary Movie franchise is A Haunted House starting Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins aka Malcolm and Kisha who are moving into their dream home. They go through the normal funny antics that couples go through when they move in.

Sidebar; I loved when Kisha was on the toilet, it was very believable that they were a couple. The chemistry wasn’t forced. I hate watching movies where I can think of another actor/actress to play a certain part. For this movie I can’t think of another person who could have played her role. Essence also didn’t annoy me in this film, where she normally does. Kudos to her!

Let me continue with the story. While they are settling in their house, Malcolm figures out that Kisha has been followed by ghosts and such her whole life. The mess they go through in this house is hilarious. Kisha winds up getting possessed by demons, and Malcolm hires anybody and everybody to perform an exorcism.

Sidebar; Don’t take kids even though there were zillions in my theater. Why no children? The cussing was to the max and the sex was on a 17 out of 10; but what movie isn’t these days.

The characters were placed well some were boring. Sidebar why did they have to shoot Rosa, that was hilarious. Chip the psychic was a big mess, every scene with him was classic. Father Williams played by Cedric the Entertainer was entertaining, but trailed off near the end. I must say I enjoyed Affion Crockett playing Ray Ray, but he always plays those roles so I wasn’t surprised.

Sidebar; I could not when the “ghost” got it in with Kisha, and the next day Malcolm was jealous. That was hilarious not to mention the “ghost” getting Malcolm the next night. Only Marlon Wayans could write that LOL

This movie kept my attention, but I hated the ending. If you want to laugh definitely go see the movie. You get MissP’s stamp of approval for this one! “I hit you in your ghost balls!”


Django Unchained Review~

Django-UnchanedIt took me days to finally go see this movie and I am so glad I did. There is so much to say so here is my long overview, let me know your thoughts in the comment section!!

Slave Django(Jamie Foxx) is on the hunt with bounty hunter “dentist” Dr. King Schultz(Christoph Waltz). The opening was everything, just BRUTAL in typical Quentin Tarrantino fashion. The surprises in this movie were grand!

Sidebar, I couldn’t with the Big Daddy references; hilarious. At first they are on the hunt for the Brittle brothers, so Django could eventually be a free man and go find and rescue…Broomhilda his wife (Kerry Washington). The flashbacks worked perfectly so you knew exactly what they went through. The cinematography was excellent in those battle scenes, I definitely called that Oscar nomination.

I must admit the KKK scene was hilarious shoutout to Jonah Hill.

The team that Schultz and Django make, made so much sense. Django and Dr. Schultz finally get to the goods which is Calvin Candy(Leonardo Dicaprio) who owns Candyland where Broomhilda is, and where “Mandingos” fight. Django and Schultz act under false pretenses to come in and swipe Broomhilda, but Stephen(Samuel L Jackson) sees right threw them.

Here is another sidebar, Samuel L Jackson makes me hate him or like him in every movie now that is an actor. If you haven’t seen the Samaritan check it out.

I loved the eye contact between Django and Broomhilda, oooooo Leonardo Dicaprio I haven’t seen him acting like that since the Titanic.

That last fighting scene before the ending was WOW! How they made all that blood look real was gross.

Yet another sidebar, I loved the score in the movie with the splashes of Rick Ross, John legend, and Tupac, no odd placements.

I shan’t tell you the end just know it held my attention for the entire 165 minutes. If you haven’t seen Django Unchained check it out.

Frank Ocean Album Review~

This is an album I have been playing for the longest. Frank Ocean’s has to be one of the best albums I have heard this year. Keyword I said this year. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. This is good driving type music. Let’s go through this album…

Start-I felt as though I was in a throwback Nintendo game, love the similarities.

Thinking bout you-One of my favorites especially the chorus, real chill song.

Fertilizer-these songs are so different you can’t help but like it put me in the mindset of Napoleon dynamite. Which is by far one of my favorite movies.

Sierra Leone-Llove his harmonies in this one, but it ended too fast for me.

Sweet life-mangos, peaches, and limes another favorite song of mine. My favorite line in the song “why see the world if u got the beach.”

Not just money interlude-I miss interludes on albums, I’m glad some artists are bringing those back!

Super rich kids ft.earl sweatshirt-this one was just okay not one of my favorites.

Pilot jones-cute song and had the audacity to include the plane sounds LOVE THAT!

Crack rock-love his analogies, this is a good song plus it is so repetitive that you can’t help but remember it.

Pyramids-longest song ever but it’s a good one I like it changes every 3 minutes.

Lost-love this one my favorites! You can do a little shoulder shimmy to this one.

White feat John Mayer-love John Mayer so this was a good interlude hands down.

Monks-good song, but it wasn’t a favorite.

Bad Religion-this one has to grow on me, but I saw him perform this live, it’s not a bad song though.

Pink Matter feat Andre 3000- it’s about time for him to make an album he was singing on this one good song. My favorite line is “you use to be my favorite color.”

Forrest Gump-loved it and the title.

All in all this was a solid effort from Mr. Ocean. I like to call this alternative r&b!!

Brandy “Two Eleven” Breakdown~

I have heard some great albums lately when it comes to soul and r&b. I really want to get into Brandy’s Two Eleven. Here is a breakdown;

This is definitely an intro, I wish she would have talked a little bit. It was like a HAAAAAA then boooooom into the next song.

Wildest dreams
This song grew on me I really like the lyrics. The chorus is really cute love the vibe and the opening.

So Sick
It was an okay song and very repetitive. Vocally she was consistent though.

This is my jam! The beat is so different, and she did that with the vocals. I definitely want a video for this.

No Such Thing as Too Late
TURN THE LIGHTS ON, I love this one especially the chorus and the lyrics she is sanginnnnnnn. She is giving me all these breathy tones!!

Let me go
Definitely different not my favorite but it’s cute, she kept up with the song. The chorus and the vamp made me jig a lil, but you know how I get.

Without you
Love this one the way she was at that mic is ridiculous love it!! I really neeeed you YASSSS reminds me of Departed I love when an artist is turned up and then the beat comes in.

Put it Down
Everyone knows this one. This song did grow on me.

Hardly Breathing
Turn the lights on…this was a nice vibe it will grow on me, sounds like a vibe from her Human album those low riffs are awesome.

Do you Know what you Have
At first I was like Nicki MINAJ, but then it mellowed out. I LOVED it one of my favorites reminds me of her slow jams from Full Moon.

Scared of Beautiful
This song is not one of my favorites due to the arrangement & chorus, but I loved how she said turned the lamp on her vocals.

Wish your Love Away
Very different and this is great driving vibing music…she was singing nowwwwww loved the runs. The chorus was swell, this was like a lullaby.

Paint this House
The song is just okay it makes me want to go to Home Depot, Staples, or the nearest realtor. If I hear turn the lights on one more time! It seemed like I wanted a feature on this one.

Bonus for the deluxe edition!

Can you Hear Me Now
I wish this was the closer for the standard album. I want a video for this and the BEAT GO HAWRDDDDD!

Ummmmm this one was cute, but it was a filler definitely not a favorite.

What you Need
She wanna take off her clothes and stuff talk in Spanish ummmm. Now I did like the chorus, it had potential after the first minute.

Same as the intro.

All in all this was a very solid effort from Brandy. Unfortunately she only sold around 100,000 and some change in the first 2 weeks of release. Her vocals were solid, and performances have been great. Hopefully more people hear this album and fall in love with her mature style. The young Brandy is now grown definitely!!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 3 Review

I normally take notes while I watch Grey’s Anatomy, but due to the time zone difference I was all over the place. While in LA last week I missed Grey’s Anatomy while catching the Red Eye, but I am now caught up! This episode was just okay to me, hopefully this season picks up.

Arizona is still very salty, but is showing great improvement so it is time to get fit for a prosthetic. Of course she is being difficult throwing legs, and hollering at everyone. Callie has just about had enough, but she of course she is still trying.

April Kepnar and Jackson Avery are still doing the nasty and acting like it is their last time. They need to give it up! Mama Avery is back for a very big surgery literally and is enjoying her time with Dr. Webber. I am glad they have a cute love story. Gotta love Debbie Allen.

Dr. Yang is enjoying her friends with benefits situation in her own way with dude who gets on my nerves. I felt bad for Dr. Feeny and how they are pushing him to retire.

Meredith has to battle with not telling Derek about her huge tumor surgery, due to him new job as a teacher.

Dr. Feeny and Dr. Yang have such an odd yet cute relationship. I loved how she fought for him. Arizona and Callie are trying to get along at the end of the episode. I’m glad.

Nothing much really happened with Alex, except for chatting with Arizona about her return. Nothing much really happens with Bailey either except she wanted the rare surgery Meredith has. Derek ends up finding out about the surgery and doesn’t have a problem with it.

I loved the showdown with Dr. Avery and Dr. Webber hilarious. I gave the winning point to Dr. Webber.

I completely forgot what we are looking forward to in episode 5, but it premieres tonight. I’m ready!!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 3

After two weeks of NO GREYS I needed this episode, but it didn’t really grab my attention. Either way I will still give a recap. The theme centered around “Settling” and I loved that theme.

The team that was on the flight have to make a huge decision on whether it not they should settle and take the money for the crash.
Arizona is very salty like a peanut due to her current state. Callie has just about had enough, but she wants to focus on Sophia’s future.
April Kepnar is back and everyone wants to make sure it is for real. On the last episode Chief Hunt hired her back. Jackson Avery is still at Seattle Grace unbeknownst to April with no hair cut by the way, this will be a heated love triangle. I must also say Jesse Williams is so cute!

Dr. Yang is still fighting and miles away. She has to find her happy and  work her way to where she wants to be in the OR.
There were two main stories patient wise. Babygirl who wants to get plastic surgery so she can knock the boots with her main squeeze and feel better about herself. Another chicks foot is falling off but there is still a possibility it can function with nerve testing. Alex has Meredith’s old intern but he treats her horribly so he doesn’t seem like he wants her. Of course she doesn’t understand.

Dr. Yang doesn’t know any better and doesn’t want to be with Dr. Feeny. YES I will call him that LOL Wowwwww April wants to revirginize herself and Jackson wants her to wake up. He wants her to realize that what they did is real and there is no turning back.

The settlement pops up again.

Dr. Owen and Dr. Yang are talking again and it is very odd. Dr. Feeny and Dr. Yang have a good surgery, and she learns. I loved the quotes in this episode “life is short you better get at it” FAVORITE! Dinner for Arizona and Callie isn’t going so well, and I know in future episode they will get it together.

Alex is being messy and making his intern cry, but of course they come to an understanding.Derek goes back to see the plane, and he has an epiphany.  April and Jackson talk and they end up doing the nasty I TOLD Y’ALL! Bailey is mad because Little Tucker let go of her hand, and his daddy is getting married again, plus Ben is having new moments; she feels stuck. Dr. Webber gave a great point to her  “Get out there do something and don’t look back.”

Now Dr. Yang and Dr. Owen are back hot and cold, I hope they get it together near the end of the season.That shower scene was so intense with Callie and Arizona, but it was definitely needed.

Last but not least they all come to an agreement that they can’t settle. I am so glad they didn’t because that means more tricky story lines.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 Episode 9

I’m watching the Vice Presidential debate, now I am not salty that Greys Anatomy did not come on tonight! This was very good, LOVED IT! I hate getting into politics through blog or video so I want to catch up on episode two of season 9 of Greys Anatomy.

So now we finally see what happens after plane crash at the end of season 8. This episode opens up with Meredith in the hospital wondering what happened, everyone is in a disarray. Dr. Bailey and Dr. Webber came to get everyone to take them back to Seattle Grace.
Christina Yang isn’t saying anything at all. They  were all sedated to get back to Seattle Grace, I still can’t get into LEXIE BEING IN A BAGGGGGG.

There was a huge back and forth with everyones story, which I thought was awesome so we wouldn’t get lost. Derek Sheppard wants to get back into the OR, unfortunately with his hand he can’t do anything. Callie is doing his surgery with a nerve graft so he will be able to have full functionality.

Yang went crazy when she came in just in shock with the whole situation. She discussed what happened with Owen, that was so sad. She then flees to Minnesota, to get away from everything.

Mark Sloan is going through surge which eventually leads to his demise. Awwwww Arizona her leg it didn’t make it. Why Callie promised the leg to her I have no clue, that was a BIG NO NO!! Arizona was very mad at Alex but he ended up helping her in the end.

This was the craziest part of the episode; Callie was in the middle of Shepard’s surgery and had to make a huge decision for Arizona’s leg. Callie said cut it off!!

Mark went through protocol in the event that was unconscious, but he crashed before he could see Sophia that was so heartbreaking.Arizona gets her leg amputated, and April leaves before she sees Jackson.

I can not wait for the next episode this will be juicy!